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Spiritual Treatment

Is a process you go through that moves you up a ladder of awareness or perception to the level of a glimpse into the unconditioned Absolute, the perfect spiritual idea or pattern. The moment you have a taste of it, of that pure wholeness, you are experiencing a breakthrough into a higher and greater awareness. It is a flash of pure “knowing.” This knowing, this breakthrough in awareness, becomes a directive to the creative law, the truth that does the healing. At this point the problem goes; it automatically or spontaneously dissolves in this new awareness. You see a change in your experience, in your life. There are four stages, or components, of every spiritual treatment: recognition, unification or identification, particularization, and release. All treatments include these four components.


You recognize that Infinite Intelligence and Power is everywhere, always. It is within all beings, all life. You are not simply a materialistically, physically-ordered individual. You live in life, you experience life, you embrace life humanly and physically, you love it, but you are in essence oriented toward primary cause, the prototype behind your experience of life. You are part of the universal Mind and you express an archetype or pattern in it.


The second part of a treatment is unification or identification, in which you identify yourself as an individualized part of the whole. We are like the rays of the sun or like flowers on a plant; each of us is individual but still connected to, still part of, the whole. In treatment this is expressed with words like “This creative intelligence is acting through me, expressing as me. It is my mind now, operating through me.” Another way to think of yourself is as a wave on an infinite ocean. Thus, in reality you are the ocean as a wave. All the elements or chemicals of the ocean must also be in its wave. We say the human consciousness is the bridge between the universal mind and the particular expression in an individual form.


In the third step of treatment, particularization, you state that every wrong belief, every blockage, every suggestion that you are separate from the whole, is hereby banished, neutralized, dissolved, as a result of your purposeful thinking. Therefore you are able to see clearly who you are, what you are, where you are, and know what to do. You recognize that the perfect pattern or prototype for your experience (specific health of a body part or function) exists and is the substance and form of your body experience now.


The final stage of treatment is release. You surrender to the action of the universal intelligence or Mind and release the healing treatment to the law of creative action, knowing change or fulfillment is happening. It cannot fail to happen, because it is the neutral action of the universal law. Benefitting from Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing does not promise that anything and everything can be changed at any time. Not everyone will experience a healing. The premise of spiritual healing is valid, but its to human experience is different. It appears to work more immediately and completely for some people than for others. This is due largely to the person's state of mind and receptivity to ideas. Nonetheless, everyone benefits in at least some the techniques of spiritual healing. At the very least, you will gain a broader, larger view of life and of yourself, and you will live with much greater hope and with positive, constructive thinking that comes from spiritual understanding. You will receive an empowerment in your state of mind and thus in your affairs. Some people experience very dramatic effects.

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